z80 is an assembly language created in 1976.

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  • z80 first appeared in 1976
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Example code from the web:

 ; memcpy --
 ; Copy a block of memory from one location to another.
 ; Entry registers
 ;      BC - Number of bytes to copy
 ;      DE - Address of source data block
 ;      HL - Address of target data block
 ; Return registers
 ;      BC - Zero

             org     1000h       ;Origin at 1000h
 memcpy      public
 loop        ld      a,b         ;Test BC,
             or      c           ;If BC = 0,
             ret     z           ;Return
             ld      a,(de)      ;Load A from (DE)
             ld      (hl),a      ;Store A into (HL)
             inc     de          ;Increment DE
             inc     hl          ;Increment HL
             dec     bc          ;Decrement BC
             jp      loop        ;Repeat the loop

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