Visual Prolog is a programming language created in 1996. Visual Prolog, also formerly known as PDC Prolog and Turbo Prolog, is a strongly typed object-oriented extension of Prolog. As Turbo Prolog, it was marketed by Borland but it is now developed and marketed by the Danish firm Prolog Development Center (PDC) that originally developed it. Visual Prolog can build Microsoft Windows GUI-applications, console applications, DLLs (dynamic link libraries), and CGI-programs. Read more on Wikipedia...

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Example code from Wikipedia:

class hanoi 
       hanoi : (unsigned N). 
end class hanoi 
implement hanoi 
       pole = string. 
       hanoi(N) :- move(N, "left", "centre", "right"). 
   class predicates 
       move : (unsigned N, pole A, pole B, pole C). 
       move(0, _, _, _) :- !. 
       move(N, A, B, C) :- 
           move(N-1, A, C, B), 
           stdio::writef("move a disc from % pole to the % pole\n", A, C), 
           move(N-1, B, A, C). 
end implement hanoi 

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