tremor-query is an actively used query language created in 2019. The tremor query language, tremor-query or trickle is an interpreted statement-oriented language designed for continuous online structured queries with support filtering, extraction, transformation and streaming of structured data in a stream or event-based processing system.

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  • tremor-query first appeared in 2019
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Example code from the web:

define grouper::bucket operator kfc;

define script categorize
  let $rate = 1;
  let $class = event.`group`;
  { "event": event, "rate": $rate, "class": $class };

create script categorize;
# Stream ingested data into categorize script
select event from in into categorize;

create operator kfc;
# Stream scripted events into kfc bucket operator
select event from categorize into kfc;

# Stream bucketed events into out stream
select event from kfc into out;

Last updated August 9th, 2020

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