Stutter is an actively used esoteric programming language created in 2018.

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Example code from the web:

let ratio be a Number and set it to 0.37
let variable be a Number
set variable to 5

comment add is a method on the Number data type
add 12.0 to variable

comment all methods accept multiple parameters via the and conjunction
multiply variable with ratio and 1.5

comment results of methods can be redirected with the to preposition
print variable to standard output

comment generic calls can be done with the call verb
call log on console with variable and ratio

if variable is greater than 2 then

 if variable is greater than 2.5 then
   call log on console with this is an example
 else if variable is lower than 2.5 then
   call alert on console with this is another example
   call log on console with foo bar


let examples be a Number Array
set examples to 1, 3, 7 and 9

set index 0 on examples to 4
push 3 to examples

comment whatever is the string representation of examples
let whatever be a String
join examples to whatever

comment copy is the string copy of examples
let copy be a String Array
split whatever to copy

for each examples as key and value do

 let temp be value
 add 5 to value
 divide value by 1.76

 if temp is greater than 5 then
   call log on console with temp


Last updated August 9th, 2020

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