strudel is an actively used text data format created in 2011. Strudel is our graphical tool for visualizing genetic and physical maps of genomes for comparative purposes. The Strudel data format is tab delimited text with all features, homologs and potential reference URLs included in the same file.

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  • strudel first appeared in 2011
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Example code from the web:

feature  Rice  1 LOC_Os05g01020  gene  1903    "TBC domain containing protein, expressed"
feature Rice  1 LOC_Os09g20010  gene  10218   expressed protein
feature Barley  1H  12_30969  SNP 15    
feature Barley  1H  11_11223  SNP 78    
feature Barley  1H  11_11224  SNP 100   
homolog Barley  12_30969  Rice  LOC_Os05g01020  7.00E-91    #00FF00
homolog Barley  11_11223  Rice  LOC_Os09g20010  6.00E-50    
chromosome  Barley  1H  #593423       
URL Rice

Last updated August 9th, 2020

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