SQF is an actively used programming language created in 2002.

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  • SQF first appeared in 2002
  • file extensions for SQF include sqf and hqf
  • Have a question about SQF not answered here? Email me and let me know how I can help.

Example code from the web:

_num = 10;
_num = _num + 20; systemChat str _num;

Example code from Linguist:

#include <version.hqf>

#define SET(VAR,VALUE) private #VAR; VAR = VALUE;
#define CONV(VAR,ARRAY,POOL) VAR = ARRAY select (POOL find VAR);

  "HitHead", "HitBody", \
  "HitLeftArm", "HitRightArm", \
  "HitLeftLeg","HitRightLeg" \

  "HitBody", "HitHull", "HitEngine", "HitFuel", \
  "HitTurret", "HitGun", \
  "HitLTrack", "HitRTrack", \
  "HitLFWheel", "HitRFWheel", "HitLF2Wheel", "HitRF2Wheel", "HitLMWheel", "HitRMWheel", "HitLBWheel", "HitRBWheel", \
  "HitAvionics", "HitHRotor", "HitVRotor", \
  "HitRGlass", "HitLGlass", "HitGlass1", "HitGlass2", "HitGlass3", "HitGlass4", "HitGlass5", "HitGlass6" \

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