Stata is an actively used programming language created in 1985. Stata is a general-purpose statistical software package created in 1985 by StataCorp. Most of its users work in research, especially in the fields of economics, sociology, political science, biomedicine and epidemiology. Stata's capabilities include data management, statistical analysis, graphics, simulations, regression, and custom programming. Read more on Wikipedia...

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  • Stata ranks in the top 5% of languages
  • the Stata website
  • the Stata wikipedia page
  • Stata first appeared in 1985
  • file extensions for Stata include do, ado, doh, ihlp, mata, matah and sthlp
  • the Stata team is on twitter
  • See also: c, linux, ascii, excel-app
  • Have a question about Stata not answered here? Email me and let me know how I can help.

Example code from the Hello World Collection:

/* Hello world in Stata */

 .program hello
  1. display "Hello, World!"
  2. end

Example code from Linguist:

local MAXDIM   800

Example code from Wikipedia:

program define fizzbuzz
	args x
	forvalues i = 1(1)`x' {
		if mod(`i',15) == 0 {
			display "fizzbuzz"
		else if mod(`i',5) == 0 {
			display "buzz"
		else if mod(`i',3) == 0 {
			display "fizz"
		else {
		display `i'

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