SRecode Template is an actively used text markup language created in 2000. Semantic Recoder (or SRecode) is a template manager and code generator that is a part of CEDET.

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  • SRecode Template first appeared in 2000
  • file extensions for SRecode Template include srt
  • Have a question about SRecode Template not answered here? Email me and let me know how I can help.

Example code from Linguist:

;;; --- Template for linguist-example-mode

;; Not copyrighted whatsoever.
;; GPL can bite my shiny metal ass.
;; GitHub:   1
;; Stallman: 0

set mode "default"

set comment_start ";"

set LICENSE "It's public domain, baby. This was written for the sole
purpose of the format's inclusion and recognition by GitHub Linguist.
This block of multiline text was added because every other .srt file
I could find was GPL-licensed and had long-winded copyright blobs in
the file's header. Also, check out my sick line-wrapping abilities."

set DOLLAR "$"

context file

template license

template filecomment :file :user :time
{{comment_start}} {{FILENAME}} --- {{^}}
{{comment_prefix}} YUO WAN GPL?
{{comment_prefix}} Copyright (C) {{YEAR}} {{?AUTHOR}}
{{comment_prefix}} TUO BAD
{{comment_prefix}} WE EXPAT PEOPLE
{{comment_prefix}} {{EXPLETIVE}} YOU!

;; end

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