Solidity is an actively used programming language created in 2014. Solidity is a contract-oriented programming language for writing smart contracts. It is used for implementing smart contracts on various blockchain platforms. It was developed by Gavin Wood, Christian Reitwiessner, Alex Beregszaszi, Liana Husikyan, Yoichi Hirai and several former Ethereum core contributors to enable writing smart contracts on blockchain platforms such as Ethereum.. Read more on Wikipedia...

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Example code from Wikipedia:

contract GavCoin
  mapping(address=>uint) balances;
  uint constant totalCoins = 100000000000;

  /// Endows creator of contract with 1m GAV.
  function GavCoin(){
      balances[msg.sender] = totalCoins;

  /// Send $((valueInmGAV / 1000).fixed(0,3)) GAV from the account of $(message.caller.address()), to an account accessible only by $(to.address()).
  function send(address to, uint256 valueInmGAV) {
    if (balances[msg.sender] >= valueInmGAV) {
      balances[to] += valueInmGAV;
      balances[msg.sender] -= valueInmGAV;

  /// getter function for the balance
  function balance(address who) constant returns (uint256 balanceInmGAV) {
    balanceInmGAV = balances[who];


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