snakemake is a historical programming language created in 2012.

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  • snakemake does not currently rank in our top 50% of languages
  • snakemake first appeared in 2012
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Example code from the web:

SAMPLES = "100 101 102 103".split()

REF = "hg19.fa"

rule all:

 input: "{sample}.coverage.pdf".format(sample = sample)

    for sample in SAMPLES

rule fastq_to_sai:

  input: ref = REF, reads = "{sample}.{group}.fastq"

  output: temp("{sample}.{group}.sai")

  shell: "bwa aln {input.ref} {input.reads} > {output}"

rule sai_to_bam:

  input: REF, "{sample}.1.sai", "{sample}.2.sai",

     "{sample}.1.fastq", "{sample}.2.fastq"

  output: protected("{sample}.bam")

  shell: "bwa sampe {input} | samtools view -Sbh - > {output}"

rule remove_duplicates:

  input: "{sample}.bam"

  output: "{sample}.nodup.bam"

  shell: "samtools rmdup {input} {output}"

rule plot_coverage_histogram:

  input: "{sample}.nodup.bam"

  output: hist = "{sample}.coverage.pdf"


    from matplotlib.pyplot import hist, savefig


      shell("samtools mpileup {input} | cut -f4",

      iterable = True))))


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