Simple Actor Language System and Architecture, aka Simple Actor Language System and Architecture, is a programming language created in 2001. The SALSA programming language (Simple Actor Language System and Architecture) is an actor-oriented programming language that uses concurrency primitives beyond asynchronous message passing, including token-passing, join, and first-class continuations. It also supports distributed computing over the Internet with universal naming, remote communication, and migration linguistic abstractions and associated middleware. For portability, it produces Java code.. Read more on Wikipedia...

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Example code from Wikipedia:

module demo;

   This behavior simply prints out a string,
   reads a line from the Standard Input,
   combines the return value of the Standard Input with other strings,
   and then prints out the combined string.

behavior StandardInputTest{

   public StandardInputTest() {}

   String mergeString(String str1, String str2, String str3) {
       return str1+str2+str3;

   void act(String[] args) {
      standardOutput<-println("What's your name?")@
      self<-mergeString("Hi, ",token, ". Nice to meet you!" )@

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