Rusty Object Notation is an actively used meta language created in 2015. RON is a simple readable data serialization format that looks similar to Rust syntax. It's designed to support all of Serde's data model, so structs, enums, tuples, arrays, generic maps, and primitive values.

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Example code from the web:

GameConfig( // optional struct name
    window_size: (800, 600),
    window_title: "PAC-MAN",
    fullscreen: false,
    mouse_sensitivity: 1.4,
    key_bindings: {
        "up": Up,
        "down": Down,
        "left": Left,
        "right": Right,
        // Uncomment to enable WASD controls
        "W": Up,
        "A": Down,
        "S": Left,
        "D": Right,
    difficulty_options: (
        start_difficulty: Easy,
        adaptive: false,

Last updated August 9th, 2020

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