RenderMan Shading Language is a historical programming language created in 1989. Renderman Shading Language (abbreviated RSL) is a component of the RenderMan Interface Specification, and is used to define shaders. The language syntax is C-like. A shader written in RSL can be used without changes on any RenderMan-compliant renderer, such as Pixar's PhotoRealistic RenderMan, DNA Research's 3Delight, Sitexgraphics' Air or an open source solution such as Pixie or Aqsis. Read more on Wikipedia...

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  • RenderMan Shading Language ranks in the top 50% of languages
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  • RenderMan Shading Language first appeared in 1989
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Example code from Wikipedia:

float length(vector v) {
  return sqrt(v . v); /* . is a dot product */

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