PIC is an actively used text markup language created in 1988. In computing, Pic is a domain-specific programming language by Brian Kernighan for specifying diagrams in terms of objects such as boxes with arrows between them. The pic compiler translates this description into concrete drawing commands. Pic is a procedural programming language, with variable assignment, macros, conditionals, and looping. Read more on Wikipedia...

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  • PIC ranks in the top 10% of languages
  • the PIC wikipedia page
  • PIC first appeared in 1988
  • file extensions for PIC include pic and chem
  • See also: diagram, troff, tex, linux
  • Have a question about PIC not answered here? Email me and let me know how I can help.

Example code from Linguist:

# Dextroamphetamine molecule
	.ps 26
	size 28
	ring double 1,2 3,4 5,6
	bond 60 from R1.V2
	bond 120
	front bond down ; CH3
	bond 60 from A1 ; NH2

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