Pep8 is an actively used assembly language created in 2009.

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  • Pep8 first appeared in 2009
  • file extensions for Pep8 include pep
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Example code from the web:

 BR main
 num: .EQUATE 0 
 main: SUBSP 2,i 
 DECI num,s 
 if: LDA num,s 
 ANDA 0x0001,i
 BRNE else
 STRO even_msg,d 
 BR endIf
 else: STRO odd_msg,d 
 endIf: ADDSP 2,i 
 odd_msg: .ASCII "The number is: Odd\x00"
 even_msg: .ASCII "The number is: Even\x00"

Example code from Linguist:

_start:	LDA	0,i
	LDX	0,i
	LDA	20, i
	ADDA	51, i
	CPA	0,i
	BRLT	s3
	BR	s4
s1:	LDBYTEA	s3, x
	STBYTEA s3, x
	ADDX	1,i
	CPX	12, i
	BRNE	s1
s2:	STOP
s4:	LDA	31, d
	LDX	50, d
s3:	CPX	-27746, d
	ANDX	-8241, i
	SUBA	-12337, sxf
	LDX	-12289, sx

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