Operator Overloading is an actively used design pattern.

?Years Old

Languages without Operator Overloading include basic, c, go, java, javascript, modula-2, objective-c, pascal, typescript, visual-basic

Languages with Operator Overloading include ada, ceylon, clojure, cpp, csharp, d, dart, eiffel, f-sharp, free-pascal, freebasic, groovy, haskell, io, kotlin, lua, matlab, object-pascal, perl-6, perl, php, python, r, ruby, rust, scala, seed7, smalltalk, swift, visual-basic-dot-net

Example from python:

# Python Program illustrate how  
# to overload an binary + operator 
class A: 
    def __init__(self, a): 
        self.a = a 
    # adding two objects  
    def __add__(self, o): 
        return self.a + o.a  
ob1 = A(1) 
ob2 = A(2) 
ob3 = A("Geeks") 
ob4 = A("For") 
print(ob1 + ob2) 
print(ob3 + ob4)

Last updated November 6th, 2019