MVEL is a programming language created in 2003. MVFLEX Expression Language (MVEL) is a hybrid dynamic/statically typed, embeddable Expression Language and runtime for the Java Platform. Originally started as a utility language for an application framework, the project is now developed completely independently. MVEL is typically used for exposing basic logic to end-users and programmers through configuration such as XML files or annotations. Read more on Wikipedia...

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Example code from Wikipedia:

import java.util.*;

// the main quicksort algorithm
def quicksort(list) {
    if (list.size() <= 1) {
    else {
         pivot = list[0];
         concat(quicksort(($ in list if $ < pivot)), pivot, quicksort(($ in list if $ > pivot)));

// define method to concatenate lists.
def concat(list1, pivot, list2) {
    concatList = new ArrayList(list1);

// create a list to sort
list = [5,2,4,1,18,10,15,1,0];

// sort it!

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