Module Management System is an actively used programming language created in 2005. MMK is similar in functionality to Digital's DEC/Module Management System (MMS), and understands a syntax in its description files which is a superset of that which is understood by MMS.

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  • Module Management System first appeared in 2005
  • file extensions for Module Management System include mms and mmk
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Example code from Linguist:

! $Id: descrip.mms 35 2008-01-08 21:37:42Z tmr $
! Project:  LISP -- The LISP Interpreter
! Created:  22-DEC-2008 18:35
! Author:   tmr

cc = cc
cflags = /define="_VMS_=1" -
core = LISP_CORE
main = LISP_MAIN
exec = [.bin]LISP
head = LISP_CORE
objs = $(core).obj, $(main).obj

$(exec) : $(objs)
        LINK/EXEC=$(exec) $(objs)

$(core).obj : $(core).c, $(head).h

$(main).obj : $(main).c, $(head).h

clean :
        del *.obj;*
        del *.exe;*

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