Maya Embedded Language is a programming language created in 2013. The Maya Embedded Language (MEL) is a scripting language used to simplify tasks in Autodesk's 3D Graphics Software Maya. Most tasks that can be achieved through Maya's GUI can be achieved with MEL, as well as certain tasks that are not available from the GUI. MEL offers a method of speeding up complicated or repetitive tasks, as well as allowing users to redistribute a specific set of commands to others that may find it useful.. Read more on Wikipedia...

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Example code from Wikipedia:

// animated duplicates/instances script
proc animatedDuplication (int $rangeStart, int $rangeEnd, int $numOfDuplicates, int $duplicateOrInstance)
    int $range_start = $rangeStart;
    int $range_end = $rangeEnd;
    int $num_of_duplicates = $numOfDuplicates;
    int $step_size = ($range_end - $range_start) / $num_of_duplicates;
    int $i = 0;
    int $temp;

    currentTime $range_start;     // set to range start

    string $selectedObjects[];    // to store selected objects
    $selectedObjects = `ls -sl`;  // store selected objects
    select $selectedObjects;

    while ($i <= $num_of_duplicates)
        $temp = $range_start + ($step_size * $i);
        currentTime ($temp);
        // selected the objects to duplicate or instance
        select $selectedObjects;
        if($duplicateOrInstance == 0)

 // Usage example:
 //  duplicate the current selection 5 times --
 //  evenly distributed between frame 1 and 240
 animatedDuplication(1, 240, 5, 0);

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