MAXScript is an actively used programming language created in 1996. MAXScript is the built-in scripting language in Autodesk 3ds MAX. It can be used to automate repetitive tasks as well as develop new tools and user interfaces.

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  • MAXScript ranks in the top 5% of languages
  • the MAXScript website
  • MAXScript first appeared in 1996
  • file extensions for MAXScript include ms and mcr
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Example code from Linguist:

fn CalculateVolumeAndCentreOfMass obj =
	local Volume= 0.0
	local Centre= [0.0, 0.0, 0.0]
	local theMesh = snapshotasmesh obj
	local numFaces = theMesh.numfaces
	for i = 1 to numFaces do
		local Face= getFace theMesh i
		local vert2 = getVert theMesh Face.z
		local vert1 = getVert theMesh Face.y
		local vert0 = getVert theMesh Face.x
		local dV = Dot (Cross (vert1 - vert0) (vert2 - vert0)) vert0
		Volume+= dV
		Centre+= (vert0 + vert1 + vert2) * dV
	delete theMesh
	Volume /= 6
	Centre /= 24
	Centre /= Volume

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