MacBASIC is a historical programming language created in 1985. Macintosh Basic, or MacBASIC, was both a comprehensive programming language and a fully interactive development environment designed by Apple Inc. for the original Macintosh computer. It was developed by original Macintosh team member Donn Denman, with help from fellow Apple programmers Marianne Hsiung, Larry Kenyon, and Bryan Stearns, as part of the original Macintosh development effort starting in late 1981.MacBASIC was released as beta software in 1985, and was adopted for use in places such as the Dartmouth College computer science department, for use in an introductory programming course. Read more on Wikipedia...

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  • MacBASIC ranks in the top 50% of languages
  • the MacBASIC wikipedia page
  • MacBASIC first appeared in 1985
  • See also: basic
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