Linux Kernel Module is an actively used application created in 1996. As of Linux kernel version 2.6, KO files are used in place of .O files and contain additional information that the kernel uses to load modules. The Linux program modpost can be used to convert O files into KO files.

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  • Linux Kernel Module first appeared in 1996
  • file extensions for Linux Kernel Module include ko and mod
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Example code from the web:

 * hello−1.c − The simplest kernel module.
#include <linux/module.h> /* Needed by all modules */
#include <linux/kernel.h> /* Needed for KERN_INFO */
int init_module(void)
 printk(KERN_INFO "Hello world 1.\n");
 * A non 0 return means init_module failed; module can't be loaded.
 return 0;
void cleanup_module(void)
 printk(KERN_INFO "Goodbye world 1.\n");

Example code from Linguist:


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