Jupyter Notebook is an actively used json format created in 2014.

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  • Jupyter Notebook first appeared in 2014
  • file extensions for Jupyter Notebook include ipynb
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Example code from Linguist:

 "cells": [
   "cell_type": "markdown",
   "metadata": {},
   "source": [
    "# Morphological image operations\n",
    "** Bird Counting **\n",
    "I've used some simple morphological image operations from scipy.morphology module.\n",
    "The goal was to count how many birds were in an image\n",
    "Here are the steps taken :\n",
    "1. Load the image as an ndimage matrix object\n",
    "2. Filter all pixels for those with a color tone less than 100/255\n",
    "3. Get a binary representation of the pixels that satisfy the condition in step 2\n",
    "4. Apply some dilation and erosion in order to get rid of noise and isolate the birds\n",
    "5. Count all contiguous areas"
   "cell_type": "code",
   "execution_count": 2,
   "metadata": {
    "collapsed": false,
    "scrolled": true
   "outputs": [
     "name": "stdout",
     "output_type": "stream",
     "text": [
      "Original image:\n"
     "data": {
      "image/png": "iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAV0AAADtCAYAAAAcNaZ2AAAABHNCSVQICAgIfAhkiAAAAAlwSFlz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\n0RrIbjRF6Z/BIghUB

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