Joyfully Universal Language for (Inline) Assembly is an actively used programming language. JULIA is an intermediate language that can compile to various different backends (EVM 1.0, EVM 1.5 and eWASM are planned). Because of that, it is designed to be a usable common denominator of all three platforms. It can already be used for “inline assembly” inside Solidity and future versions of the Solidity compiler will even use JULIA as intermediate language. It should also be easy to build high-level optimizer stages for JULIA.

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Example code from the web:

    function power(base:u256, exponent:u256) -> result:u256
        switch exponent
        case 0:u256 { result := 1:u256 }
        case 1:u256 { result := base }
            result := power(mul(base, base), div(exponent, 2:u256))
            switch mod(exponent, 2:u256)
                case 1:u256 { result := mul(base, result) }

Last updated August 9th, 2020

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