Just Another Scripting Syntax, aka Just Another Scripting Syntax, is a historical programming language created in 2009. JASS and JASS2 (sometimes said to stand for Just Another Scripting Syntax) is a scripting language provided with an event-driven API created by Blizzard Entertainment. It is used extensively by their games Warcraft III (JASS2) and StarCraft (JASS) for scripting events in the game world. Map creators can use it in the Warcraft III World Editor and the Starcraft Editor to create scripts for triggers and AI (artificial intelligence) in custom maps and campaigns. Read more on Wikipedia...

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  • Just Another Scripting Syntax first appeared in 2009
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Example code from Wikipedia:

function Trig_JASS_testPreloadExploit_Actions takes nothing returns nothing
 call PreloadGenEnd(".\\redist\\miles\\Mp3enc.asi")

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