Inform is an actively used programming language created in 1993. Inform is a programming language and design system for interactive fiction originally created in 1993 by Graham Nelson. Inform can generate programs designed for the Z-code or Glulx virtual machines. Versions 1 through 5 were released between 1993 and 1996. Read more on Wikipedia...

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Example code from the Hello World Collection:

!  "Hello world" in Inform
[ Main;
  print "Hello world^";

Example code from Linguist:

"Test Case" by Andrew Plotkin.

Include Trivial Extension by Andrew Plotkin.

Volume 1 - overview

Chapter - setting the scene

The Kitchen is a room.

[Comment: this kitchen is modelled after the one in Zork, although it lacks the detail to establish this to the player.]

Section - the kitchen table

The spicerack is a container in the Kitchen.

Table of Spices
Name Flavor
"cinnamon" 5
"nutmeg" 4
"szechuan pepper"  8

The description of the spicerack is "It's mostly empty."

Chapter - a character

A purple cow called Gelett is in the Kitchen.

[This comment spans multiple lines..

...and this line contains [nested square[] brackets]...

...which is legal in Inform 7.]

Instead of examining Gelett:
 say "You'd rather see than be one."

Instead of examining Gelett:
 say "You'd rather see than be one."

Check smelling Gelett:
 say "This text contains several lines.

A blank line is displayed as a paragraph break,
but a simple line break is not.";
 stop the action.

Section - cow catching

Gelett has a number called the mooness.

Instead of taking Gelett:
 increment the mooness of Gelett;
 if the mooness of Gelett is one:
   say "Gelett moos once.";
   say "Gelett moos [mooness of Gelett in words] times.";

Volume 2 - the turn cycle

Every turn:
 say "A turn passes[one of][or] placidly[or] idly[or] tediously[at random]."

Example code from Wikipedia:

"Hello Deductible" by "I.F. Author"

The story headline is "An Interactive Example".

The Living Room is a room. "A comfortably furnished living room."
The Kitchen is north of the Living Room.
The Front Door is south of the Living Room.
The Front Door is a door. The Front Door is closed and locked.

The insurance salesman is a man in the Living Room. The description is "An insurance salesman in a tacky polyester suit. He seems eager to speak to you." Understand "man" as the insurance salesman.

A briefcase is carried by the insurance salesman. The description is "A slightly worn, black briefcase."  Understand "case" as the briefcase.

The insurance paperwork is in the briefcase. The description is "Page after page of small legalese." Understand "papers" or "documents" or "forms" as the paperwork.

Instead of listening to the insurance salesman: 
	say "The salesman bores you with a discussion of life  insurance policies.  From his briefcase he pulls some paperwork which he hands to you.";
	move the insurance paperwork to the player.

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