HXML is an actively used application created in 2009.

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  • HXML does not currently rank in our top 50% of languages
  • HXML first appeared in 2009
  • file extensions for HXML include hxml
  • I have 22 facts about HXML. what would you like to know? email me and let me know how I can help.

Example code from the web:

-cp src
-dce full


-js bin/homepage.js
-main website.HomePage


-js bin/gallery.js
-main website.GalleryPage


-js bin/contact.js
-main website.ContactPage

Example code from Linguist:

-lib mcover:2.1.1
-D unittest
-x TestMain
--macro mcover.MCover.coverage(['checkstyle'], ['src'], ['checkstyle.reporter', 'checkstyle.Main'])

-cmd neko run -s src -s test -p resources/static-analysis.txt
-cmd neko run --default-config resources/default-config.json
-cmd neko run -c resources/default-config.json

Last updated December 4th, 2019