holyc is an actively used programming language created in 2005.

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  • holyc does not currently rank in our top 50% of languages
  • holyc first appeared in 2005
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Example code from the web:

U0 Main()
    I16 i1;
    I32 j1;
    j1=i1=0x12345678;           //Resulting i1 is 0x5678 but j1 is 0x12345678
    I64 i2=0x8000000000000000;
    Print("%X\n",i2>>1);        //Res is 0xC000000000000000 as expected
    U64 u3=0x8000000000000000;
    Print("%X\n",u3>>1);        //Res is 0x4000000000000000 as expected
    I32 i4=0x80000000;          //const is loaded into a 64-bit reg var.
    Print("%X\n",i4>>1);        //Res is 0x40000000
    I32 i5=-0x80000000;
    Print("%X\n",i5>>1);        //Res is 0xFFFFFFFFC0000000

Last updated November 6th, 2019