HAGGIS is a historical programming language created in 2010. HAGGIS is a high-level reference programming language used primarily to examine Computing Science for Scottish pupils taking SQA courses on the subject. HAGGIS is used as a tool to bridge the gap between pseudocode and typical computer programming. HAGGIS is not based on any one language but a mixture that is intended to allow a pupil familiar with any of the many languages used in classrooms to easily understand the syntactic construct being used in an example. Read more on Wikipedia...

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  • HAGGIS ranks in the top 50% of languages
  • the HAGGIS wikipedia page
  • HAGGIS first appeared in 2010
  • See also: python
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Example code from Wikipedia:

CONSTRUCTOR( [Data Type][Data Name], [Data Type][Data Name]...)
        The users' '''HAGGIS''' code will then go here.

    FUNCTION <Function Name>() RETURN <Data Type>
        The users' '''HAGGIS''' code will then go here.
        RETURN THIS <Class Property>
    '''“THIS” is used to reference the current object invoking the method.'''

    PROCEDURE <Procedure Name> ()
        The users' '''HAGGIS''' code will then go here.

Last updated December 10th, 2019