Gradle is an actively used application created in 2008.

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  • the Gradle website
  • Gradle on github
  • Gradle first appeared in 2008
  • file extensions for Gradle include gradle
  • the Gradle team is on twitter
  • Have a question about Gradle not answered here? Email me and let me know how I can help.

Example code from Linguist:

apply plugin: GreetingPlugin

greeting {
    message = 'Hi'
    greeter = 'Gradle'

class GreetingPlugin implements Plugin<Project> {
    void apply(Project project) {
        project.extensions.create("greeting", GreetingPluginExtension)
        project.task('hello') << {
            println "${project.greeting.message} from ${project.greeting.greeter}"

class GreetingPluginExtension {
    String message
    String greeter

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