Grace is an actively used programming language created in 2010. The purpose of Grace is to allow novices to discover programming in the simplest possible way. Other famous languages such as Java or Python are widely used by professionals, but may be hard to assimilate for a beginner in programming. That is what the object-oriented Grace language is made for.

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  • the Grace website
  • Grace first appeared in 2010
  • file extensions for Grace include grace
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Example code from the web:

class cat {
    def name = "Felix"
    method getName {
        return name

Example code from Linguist:

method ack (m : Number, n : Number) -> Number {
  print "ack {m} {n}"
  if (m < = 0) then {n + 1}
   elseif {n <= 0} then {ack((m -1), 1)}
   else {ack(m -1, ack(m, n-1))}

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