Goedel programming language is a historical programming language created in 1994. Gödel is a declarative, general-purpose programming language that adheres to the logic programming paradigm. It is a strongly typed language, the type system being based on many-sorted logic with parametric polymorphism. It is named after logician Kurt Gödel.. Read more on Wikipedia...

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  • Goedel programming language first appeared in 1994
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Example code from Wikipedia:

IMPORT      Integers.
PREDICATE   Gcd : Integer * Integer * Integer.
Gcd(i,j,d) <- 
           CommonDivisor(i,j,d) &
           ~ SOME [e] (CommonDivisor(i,j,e) & e > d).
PREDICATE   CommonDivisor : Integer * Integer * Integer.
CommonDivisor(i,j,d) <-
           IF (i = 0 \/ j = 0)
             d = Max(Abs(i),Abs(j))
             1 =< d =< Min(Abs(i),Abs(j)) &
             i Mod d = 0 &
             j Mod d = 0.

Last updated August 22nd, 2019