Gellish is a text markup language created in 2005. Gellish is a formal language that is natural language independent, although its concepts have 'names' and definitions in various natural languages. Any natural language variant, such as Gellish Formal English is a controlled natural language. Information and knowledge can be expressed in such a way that it is computer-interpretable, as well as system-independent and natural language independent. Read more on Wikipedia...

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Example code from Wikipedia:

- a UID of the fact that is expressed on this row in the table 
- a UID of the intention with which the fact is communicated or stored (e.g. as a statement, a query, etc.) 
- a UID of a left-hand object 
- a UID of a relation type 
- a UID of a right-hand object 
- a UID of a unit of measure (optional) 
- a string that forms a description (textual definition) of the left hand object.

Last updated August 9th, 2020

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