Functional Programming, aka Functional Programming, is a historical programming language created in 1977. FP (short for function programming) is a programming language created by John Backus to support the function-level programming paradigm. This allows eliminating named variables. The language was introduced in Backus's 1977 Turing Award lecture, "Can Programming Be Liberated from the von Neumann Style?", subtitled "a functional style and its algebra of programs." The paper sparked interest in functional programming research, eventually leading to modern functional languages, and not the function-level paradigm Backus had hoped. Read more on Wikipedia...

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  • Functional Programming ranks in the top 20% of languages
  • the Functional Programming wikipedia page
  • Functional Programming first appeared in 1977
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Example code from Wikipedia:

insert-left  \f       where   \f:〈x〉             =  x
                      and     \f:〈x1,x2,...,xn〉  =  f:〈\f:〈x1,...,xn-1〉,xn〉
                      and     \f:〈 〉             =  unit f

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