fizz is an actively used programming language created in 2017. fizz is an experimental language and runtime environment for the exploration of cognitive architectures and combined Machine Learning (ML) and Machine Reasoning (MR) solutions. It is based primarily on symbolic programming and fuzzy formal logic and it features a distributed (as in heterogeneous computer cluster), concurrent, asynchronous and responsive inference engine.

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Example code from the web:

// Code ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

is.tree { // test if a term is a valid binary tree

    (nil)^          :-  true;
    (n(_,_,:l,:r))^ :-  #is.tree(:l), #is.tree(:r);
    (_)             :-  false;


btr.length { // how many nodes is there on a binary tree

    (nil,0)^            :-  true;
    (n(_,_,:l,:r),:n)   :-  #btr.length(:l,:l.n),


Last updated August 9th, 2020

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