fish is an actively used programming language created in 2005. The friendly interactive shell (fish) is a Unix shell that attempts to be more interactive and user-friendly than those with a longer history (i.e. most other Unix shells) or those formulated as function-compatible replacements for the aforementioned (e.g. zsh, the Falstad shell). Read more on Wikipedia...

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Example code from Linguist:

function eval -S -d "Evaluate parameters as a command"

	# If we are in an interactive shell, eval should enable full
	# job control since it should behave like the real code was
	# executed.  If we don't do this, commands that expect to be
	# used interactively, like less, wont work using eval.

	set -l mode
	if status --is-interactive-job-control
		set mode interactive
		if status --is-full-job-control
			set mode full
			set mode none
	if status --is-interactive
		status --job-control full

	echo "begin; $argv ;end eval2_inner <&3 3<&-" | . 3<&0
	set -l res $status

	status --job-control $mode
	return $res

Example code from Wikipedia:

string replace --regex '.*?\.(.*)' '$1' a.b.c #b.c
string replace --regex '.*\.(.*)' '$1' a.b.c  #c
string replace --regex '(.*)\..*' '$1' a.b.c  #a.b
string replace --regex '(.*?)\..*' '$1' a.b.c #a

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