Erlang is an actively used programming language created in 1986. Erlang ( ER-lang) is a general-purpose, concurrent, functional programming language, as well as a garbage-collected runtime system. The term Erlang is used interchangeably with Erlang/OTP, or OTP, which consists of the Erlang runtime system, a number of ready-to-use components mainly written in Erlang, and a set of design principles for Erlang programs. The Erlang runtime system is known for its designs that are well suited for systems with the following characteristics: Distributed Fault-tolerant Soft real-time, Highly available, non-stop applications Hot swapping, where code can be changed without stopping a system. Read more on Wikipedia...

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Example code from the Hello World Collection:

%% Hello World in Erlang



hello() ->
   io:format("Hello World!~n", []).

Example code from Linguist:

#!/usr/bin/env escript

main([]) -> io:format("Hello, World!~n").

Example code from Wikipedia:

%% Second version
  -export([start/0, codeswitch/1]).

  start() -> loop(0).

  loop(Sum) ->
       {increment, Count} ->
       reset ->
       {counter, Pid} ->
          Pid ! {counter, Sum},
       code_switch ->

  codeswitch(Sum) -> loop(Sum).

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