DEVIL is a programming language created in 2000. Developer's Image Library or DevIL started by Denton Woods, is a cross-platform image library which aims to provide a common API for different image file formats. It consists of three parts: the main library (IL), the utility library (ILU) and the utility toolkit (ILUT), mirroring the corresponding parts of OpenGL (although the OpenGL Utility Toolkit is not part of the OpenGL specification).It was originally called OpenIL; the name was changed at a request from Silicon Graphics, Inc.DevIL currently supports 43 file formats for reading and 17 for writing; among those with read-write support are BMP, DDS, JPEG, PCX, PNG, raw, TGA, and TIFF. The actual supported formats depend on compilation settings, in particular, external libraries like libjpeg and libpng.On June 9, 2010, Woods announced that he had submitted a request to change the licensing terms from the GNU LGPL to a BSD license. Read more on Wikipedia...

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