Ch is an actively used programming language created in 2003. ChucK is a concurrent, strongly timed audio programming language for real-time synthesis, composition, and performance, which runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and iOS. It is designed to favor readability and flexibility for the programmer over other considerations such as raw performance. It natively supports deterministic concurrency and multiple, simultaneous, dynamic control rates. Read more on Wikipedia...

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  • Ch ranks in the top 5% of languages
  • the Ch website
  • the Ch wikipedia page
  • Ch first appeared in 2003
  • Ch was created by Ge Wang
  • file extensions for Ch include ck
  • See also: linux, ios
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Example code from Wikipedia:

// our signal graph (patch)
 SinOsc f => dac;
 // set gain
 .3 => f.gain;
 // an array of pitch classes (in half steps)
 [ 0, 2, 4, 6, 9, 10 ] @=> int hi[];
 // infinite loop
 while( true )
     // choose a note, shift registers, convert to frequency
     Std.mtof( 65 + Std.rand2(0,1) * 43 +
         hi[Std.rand2(0,hi.cap()-1)] ) => f.freq;
     // advance time by 120 ms
     120::ms => now;

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