CEEMAC is a programming language created in 1980. CEEMAC is a programming language developed in the 1980s for the Apple II family of computers. It was authored by Brooke Boering and published by Vagabondo Enterprises,CEEMAC was designed to be a visual composition language in which the programmer designed dynamic "scores" by programatically controlling color, shape, sound and movement. Additionally, a programmer could then "perform" their score through use of the Apple II keyboard or paddle input devices to introduce additional variation.CEEMAC syntax loosely resembled a combination of BASIC and Pascal and include control commands such as GOTO, GOSUB, DO, AGAIN, FOR, SKIP, EXIT and loop control structures such as IF/WHILE and TIL/UNLESS. Read more on Wikipedia...

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Example code from Wikipedia:

      			:FIRE ORGAN  KEY T
      			SPEED [0,0]
      			: - BUT 0
      			CLEAR [0,0]
      			XY1 = $80;$80
     			: MAIN LOOP
     			:FORGND SYMMETRY 0-3
      			VC = RND3 ORA 3
      			VD = ROTEZ
      			:FORGND COLOR
      			COLOR = NXTCOL

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