Bison is an actively used grammar language created in 1985. GNU bison, commonly known as Bison, is a parser generator that is part of the GNU Project. Bison reads a specification of a context-free language, warns about any parsing ambiguities, and generates a parser (either in C, C++, or Java) which reads sequences of tokens and decides whether the sequence conforms to the syntax specified by the grammar. Bison by default generates LALR parsers but can also create GLR parsers. Read more on Wikipedia...

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Example code from Wikipedia:

# Makefile

FILES	= Lexer.c Parser.c Expression.c main.c
CC	= g++
CFLAGS	= -g -ansi

test:		$(FILES)
		$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(FILES) -o test

Lexer.c:	Lexer.l 
		flex Lexer.l

Parser.c:	Parser.y Lexer.c
		bison Parser.y

		rm -f *.o *~ Lexer.c Lexer.h Parser.c Parser.h test

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