bel is an actively used programming language created in 2019.

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  • bel does not currently rank in our top 50% of languages
  • the bel website
  • bel first appeared in 2019
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Example code from the web:

; Bel in Bel. 9 October 2019, 9:14 GMT
(def no (x)
  (id x nil))
(def atom (x)
  (no (id (type x) 'pair)))
(def all (f xs)
  (if (no xs)      t
      (f (car xs)) (all f (cdr xs))
(def some (f xs)
  (if (no xs)      nil
      (f (car xs)) xs
                   (some f (cdr xs))))
(def reduce (f xs)
  (if (no (cdr xs))
      (car xs)
      (f (car xs) (reduce f (cdr xs)))))
(def cons args
  (reduce join args))
(def append args
  (if (no (cdr args)) (car args)
      (no (car args)) (apply append (cdr args))
                      (cons (car (car args))
                            (apply append (cdr (car args))
                                          (cdr args)))))

Last updated November 16th, 2019