Bash is an actively used programming language created in 1989. Bash is a Unix shell and command language written by Brian Fox for the GNU Project as a free software replacement for the Bourne shell. First released in 1989, it has been distributed widely as the default login shell for most Linux distributions and Apple's macOS (formerly OS X). A version is also available for Windows 10. Read more on Wikipedia...

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Example code from Linguist:

echo "sh"

Example code from Wikipedia:

cd "$SOMEWHERE" && ./do_something || echo "An error occurred" >&2

Trending Repos

repo stars description
kaldi 7031 This is the official location of the Kaldi project.
pure-bash-bible 14224 📖 A collection of pure bash alternatives to external processes.
pi-hole 17711 A black hole for Internet advertisements
nginx-admins-handbook 9683 How to improve NGINX performance, security, and other important things; @ssllabs A+ 100%, @mozilla A+ 120/100.
airgeddon 2052 This is a multi-use bash script for Linux systems to audit wireless networks.
wifi-hacker 811 Shell Script For Attacking Wireless Connections Using Built-In Kali Tools. Supports All Securities (WEP, WPS, WPA, WPA2)
my-arsenal-of-aws-security-tools 2624 List of open source tools for AWS security: defensive, offensive, auditing, DFIR, etc.
oh-my-zsh 94524 🙃 A delightful community-driven (with 1,300+ contributors) framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 200+ optional plugins (rails, git, OSX, hub, capistrano, brew, ant, php, python, etc), over 140 themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community.
termux-packages 2485 Android terminal and Linux environment - packages repository.
nginx-certbot 579 Boilerplate configuration for nginx and certbot with docker-compose
docker-mailserver 4463 A fullstack but simple mailserver (smtp, imap, antispam, antivirus, ssl...) using Docker.
core 11705 Home repository for .NET Core
saycheese 152 Grab target's webcam shots by link
vault-helm 108 Helm chart to install Vault and other associated components. 14044 A pure Unix shell script implementing ACME client protocol
dotfiles 22044 🔧 .files, including ~/.macos — sensible hacker defaults for macOS
cheatsheet-kubernetes-A4 436 📖 Kubernetes CheatSheets In A4
powerlevel10k 1514 A fast reimplementation of Powerlevel9k ZSH theme
awesome-cheatsheets 4926 超级速查表 - 编程语言、框架和开发工具的速查表,单个文件包含一切你需要知道的东西 ⚡️
azure-mol-samples 357 Supporting resources for "Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches" (Manning Publications)
vulhub 4211 Pre-Built Vulnerable Environments Based on Docker-Compose
nvm 36851 Node Version Manager - POSIX-compliant bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions
kubeasz 3840 使用Ansible脚本安装K8S集群,介绍组件交互原理,方便直接,不受国内网络环境影响
neofetch 6957 🖼️ A command-line system information tool written in bash 3.2+
android-security-awesome 4067 A collection of android security related resources

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