ASN.1 is an actively used interface design language created in 1984. Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) is an interface description language for defining data structures that can be serialized and deserialized in a standard, cross-platform way. It's broadly used in telecommunications and computer networking, and especially in cryptography. Protocol developers define data structures in ASN.1 modules, which are generally a section of a broader standards document written in the ASN.1 language. Read more on Wikipedia...

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  • ASN.1 ranks in the top 10% of languages
  • the ASN.1 wikipedia page
  • ASN.1 first appeared in 1984
  • file extensions for ASN.1 include asn and asn1
  • See also: protobuf, thrift, ascii, json, xml
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Example code from the web:


    FooQuestion ::= SEQUENCE {
        trackingNumber INTEGER,
        question       IA5String

    FooAnswer ::= SEQUENCE {
        questionNumber INTEGER,
        answer         BOOLEAN


Example code from Linguist:


PurchaseOrder ::= SEQUENCE {
dateOfOrder	DATE,
customer   	CustomerInfo,
items      	ListOfItems

CustomerInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
companyName	   VisibleString (SIZE (3..50)),
billingAddress	Address,
contactPhone   NumericString (SIZE (7..12))

Address::= SEQUENCE {
street	 VisibleString (SIZE (5 .. 50)) OPTIONAL,
city	   VisibleString (SIZE (2..30)),
state	  VisibleString (SIZE(2) ^ FROM ("A".."Z")),
zipCode	NumericString (SIZE(5 | 9))

ListOfItems ::= SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..100)) OF Item

Item ::= SEQUENCE {
itemCode	       INTEGER (1..99999),
color          	VisibleString ("Black" | "Blue" | "Brown"),
power          	INTEGER (110 | 220),
deliveryTime   	INTEGER (8..12 | 14..19),
quantity	       INTEGER (1..1000),
unitPrice	      REAL (1.00 .. 9999.00),
isTaxable	      BOOLEAN

Example code from Wikipedia:

    <question>Anybody there?</question>

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