arkscript is an actively used programming language created in 2019. ArkScript is a small, fast, functional and scripting language for video games.

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Example code from the web:

    # more or less game
    (print "More or less game!")
    (import "random.bin")
    (import "Math/Arithmetic.ark")
    (let number (mod (abs (random)) 10000))
    (mut value 0)
    (mut essais 0)
    (mut continue true)
    (while continue {
        (set value (toNumber (input "Input a numeric value: ")))
        (if (< value number)
            # then
            (print "More!")
            # else
            (if (= value number)
                # then
                { (print "Bingo!") (set continue false) }
                # else
                (print "Less!")))
        (set essais (+ 1 essais))})
    (print "You won in " essais " tries")

Last updated August 9th, 2020

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