ARexx is a historical programming language created in 1987. ARexx is an implementation of the Rexx language for the Amiga, written in 1987 by William S. Hawes, with a number of Amiga-specific features beyond standard REXX facilities. Like most REXX implementations, ARexx is an interpreted language. Read more on Wikipedia...

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  • ARexx ranks in the top 50% of languages
  • the ARexx wikipedia page
  • ARexx first appeared in 1987
  • See also: tex, rexx
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Example code from Wikipedia:

/* Alarm.rexx */
   ARG event
   IF event = 0 THEN EXIT
   IF event = 1 THEN SAY "Program has ended unexpectedly"
   IF event = 2 THEN SAY "Program has finished its job"
   IF event = 3 THEN SAY "Cannot find data in selected directory"

Last updated November 6th, 2019