ANTLR is an actively used grammar language created in 1992. In computer-based language recognition, ANTLR (pronounced Antler), or Another Tool For Language Recognition, is a parser generator that uses LL(*) for parsing. ANTLR is the successor to the Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set (PCCTS), first developed in 1989, and is under active development. Its maintainer is Professor Terence Parr of the University of San Francisco.. Read more on Wikipedia...

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Example code from Wikipedia:

TextReader reader;
 // (...) Fill TextReader with character
 SumLexer lexer = new SumLexer(reader);
 SumParser parser = new SumParser(lexer);


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grammars-v4 4119 Grammars written for ANTLR v4; expectation that the grammars are free of actions.

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