ALGOL 68-R is a programming language created in 1970. ALGOL 68-R was the first implementation of the Algorithmic language ALGOL 68. In December 1968 the report on the Algorithmic language ALGOL 68 was published. On 20–24 July 1970 a working conference was arranged by the IFIP to discuss the problems of implementation of the language, a small team from the Royal Radar Establishment attended to present their compiler, written by I.F. Read more on Wikipedia...

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Example code from Wikipedia:

[1 : 120] CHAR buff;
INT unitnumber;
STRUCT (BITS typemode, reply, INT count, REF CHAR address)
      control area := (8r47400014,0,120,buff[1]);
CODE 0,6/unitnumber; 157,6/typemode OF control area EDOC

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