I believe the invention of new languages that solve problems in a novel way have been one of the critical drivers of human progress. If you believe that as well, please consider donating to the CodeLani project.

For thousands of years humans have developed new useful languages. From Geometry to Hindu-Arabic Numerals to Calculus to Binary Notation to FORTRAN to LISP to APL to Hypertext.

While we haven’t yet figured out how to upgrade the “hardware” of the human mind, we have been able to create vast increases in human productivity through these “software” upgrades.

I believe organizing the big data about programming languages and making it freely and universally available will help someone out there see a pattern (or see what’s missing!) and create the next big breakthrough language.

Your donation will allow me to put more time into the site and help keep the site fast, ad-free, and as public domain as I can.



Last updated December 31, 2019