ThinBasic is a historical programming language created in 2004.

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Example code from Wikipedia:

' Specifies program will use functions from console module
uses "Console"

' TBMain represents main body of the program
function TBMain()
  ' Creates variable to hold user name
  local UserName as string

  ' Asks user for the name
  Console_Print("What is your name?: ")

  ' Stores it to variable
  UserName = Console_ReadLine

  ' If length of username is 0 then no name is specified, else program will say hello
  if len(UserName) = 0 then
    Console_PrintLine("No user name specified...") 
    Console_PrintLine("Hello " + UserName + "!")  
  end if

  ' Waits for any key from user before program ends
end function

Last updated February 11th, 2019